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Dumpster Rentals in Edmonton

At CnC Waste Solutions Inc, we have a bin for any budget! With our affordable dumpster rental in Edmonton, you can keep your warehouse, office, construction site or any other commercial property clean, safe and functional during a renovation or just an overdue clean up. You can choose from long-term or short-term contracts, and we also offer same-day service appointments. We will accommodate your busy schedule and deliver a bin at the best time for you. Then all you have to do is fill it up and give us a call to come pick it up! 

The Benefits of Commercial Bin Rentals

We know how easy it is for items to accumulate, especially if your company has been located in the same commercial space for several years. When it's time for a thorough clean up, why go through the hassle of finding, filling and emptying several smaller bins over and over again when you can get bins from us that are made for larger loads? Use our dumpster rental in Edmonton to make cleaning up much easier! You'll probably even spend less time doing so. Clean, clutter-free workplaces are also safer and more functional. Our bins ensure the mess is out of sight and out of the way of your customers and employees. Contact CnC Waste Solutions Inc when your business is:

• Downsizing
• Deep cleaning
• Moving locations
• Undergoing construction
• Getting rid of old furnishings

From industrial equipment to old office furniture, our bins can hold it all. We properly dispose of all materials and recycle what we can. 

Reserve Your Dumpster Rental in Edmonton Today

To arrange for your bin rental or to receive a price estimate, call us at 780-690-5865. We take pride in offering fast, affordable service for all of our commercial clients, no matter if you need a bin for a warehouse, office or construction site. We'll deliver to you right away!

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