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Your Junk Removal Service in Edmonton

Even the tidiest household can accumulate too many belongings. But if your junk drawer has grown into several junk rooms, you may need help getting rid of the excess.


Junk Removal Edmonton Can Depend On

Turn toCnC Waste Solutions Inc, where we devote all our energy to taking unwanted, broken, or heavy items off of your hands—all at a reasonable price. We'll also arrange efficient garbage collection for your Edmonton home or business.

Garbage collection in Edmonton

Why You Need a Professional Hauling Service

Even when you devote regular time to de-junking your property, sometimes those old, useless items accumulate anyway. The wobbly old sofa in the garage is too heavy to lift on your own, and you don't want to risk hurting yourself on a rusty piece of machinery in the shed.


Instead, hire CnC Waste Solutions Inc for the job. Let us haul away:

  • Out-of-date machinery, old tools, and broken equipment
  • Mouldy items (e.g., old carpeting or wall board)
  • Heavy furniture (sofas, cabinets, appliances, and more)
  • Paper trash (magazines, newspapers, circulars, damaged old books)
  • Garage and shed clean-outs
  • Items leftover from an estate sale
  • Yard wastes
  • Old metals
  • Recyclables

When you have an overabundance of stuff, you just want it to go away. You don't need the hassle of sorting everything beforehand. At CnC Waste Solutions Inc, we do the sorting for you. We'll haul any load that fits in our 15-cubic-yard collection truck. It's easy.


Contact Us Today for a Free Estimate

Every customer deserves to know hauling costs in advance. When you contact us, ask us for a free estimate. Generally, we charge $395 if your load fills our truck. But if you don't need a full-service removal, just pay our $70 minimum and we'll give you an estimate on the rest.


Let our friendly professionals take care of your junk removal. Edmonton homeowners and businesses can make appointments or request an estimate by contacting us online, or call 780-690-5865 today.

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CnC Waste Solutions Inc

7720 7A Ave.

SW Edmonton, AB T6X 0A2


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