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Make Moving a Snap

5 Tips to Make Moving a Snap

Moving is a huge undertaking. It can often be a complex process that involves lots of organization and attention to detail. Here’s a five-step strategy to make your next move a cinch.

1. Take an in-depth inventory.

Grab a notepad and walk through every room in your house. List all items in one of three categories: large items, items to pack and junk items. Remember to take an inventory of your closets, cupboards, garage, attic, basement and garden shed. It’s easiest to group your “things to pack” items by smaller categories. For example, simply record “Vinyl Records” as opposed to a listing of every single classic rock album. By organizing your things into groups you will be able to complete the remaining steps with ease.

2. Hire a moving company or rent a truck.

Your inventory will allow you to determine the size of truck you’ll require and the amount of manpower you’ll need on moving day. Make sure to book your truck or movers early. It can be helpful to call your moving or truck rental company a couple days before your scheduled move to ensure that their service is reserved. Calling ahead can help ensure that there are no unexpected delays come moving day.

3. De-clutter.

Moving is a fantastic opportunity to get rid of accumulated items you no longer want or need. Everything in your “junk” category should be discarded. If you have several bulkier items or simply a lot of junk, a bin rental can be a huge help in getting these items hauled away. In Edmonton, CnC Waste Solutions Inc rents out bins at reasonable rates for daily, weekly or monthly rental periods. Simply load it up, and we’ll come take it all off your hands. The more you can get rid of, the less you’ll have to move. This will save you time, effort and money. What kinds of things should you toss in the bin? Old or broken furniture, appliances, carpet, machinery and tools can be a good place to start. Those 20 boxes of old National Geographic issues and your inherited collection of traffic cones can go in too.

Need more information to help decide what kind of bin to rent and how long to rent it for? Read our previous blog on 5 questions you should ask yourself before renting a garbage bin.

4. Packing

Start at least a month in advance by packing all items you will not need before the move. For example, if it’s summer, you can begin with winter items. Books are also a good choice to begin packing sooner, as is infrequently used cookware. Fragile items should be wrapped in paper or swaddled in towels to keep them protected. Make sure to keep multiple components of the same item in one box. Remotes and power cables can be labeled with masking tape to ensure that they are not misplaced in the move. Screws and other small items can be collected and placed in zip-lock bags attached to their respective items to make re-assembly a breeze.

5. Label and organize boxes.

Similar to the remotes and small items, labelling boxes makes things easy to find later on. Packed boxes can be kept in an infrequently used space like a garage or in the basement until it’s time to go. Be sure to include the destination room on the top of the box so that your movers know where everything needs to go quickly and efficiently.

When moving day comes, you’ll be ready. It may be best to leave your bin rental pickup for the final hour. This way you can toss any garbage from your final cleanup in the dumpster. CnC Waste Solutions Inc will arrive at your Edmonton location whenever you’re ready. Call us today for all your garbage collection and bin rental needs.

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